Upload pictures to Joomla site with easy drag-n-drop

The easiest way to upload and manage pictures on your Joomla site!

JoomlaManager BENEFITS:

  • Drag-n-drop pictures to upload
  • Automatic picture resizing
  • Picture cropping
  • Manage multiple Joomla sites
  • Easy directory and picture management
  • No need to login to backoffice to upload

Increase your productivity with JoomlaManager - Joomla Easy Picture and File Uploader and Manager.

  JoomlaManager - Joomla Easy Picture and File Uploader and Manager JoomlaManager - Joomla Easy Picture and File Uploader and Manager JoomlaManager - Joomla Easy Picture and File Uploader and Manager
Multiple Joomla sites
Configure any start folder
File uploading
Open/Download files
Picture uploading
Picture resizing
Picture cropping

JoomlaManager - Joomla Easy Picture and File Uploader and Manager

  Buy JoomlaManager 2.0 now for only 28,00 USD.
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            For windows and Mac.

Works on both Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5.

 Click here to get the JoomlaManager manual

Struggling and wasting time with the Joomla! Media Manager?

The Joomla! Media Manager can be slow to use. You have to login to the website, navigate to the right place in the backoffice and when uploading pictures go through the browse to find the pictures and wait for the upload. It gets even worse when managing several Joomla! sites. Time is lost opening each site, logging in and navigating to the Media Manager.

Things get even worse if you have to resize or crop the pictures in another application before you upload.

Become one of our thousands of happy clients that spend half the time managing their pictures and files on their Joomla sites.

Image uploadSpend half the time managing pictures and files on your Joomla site and take full control with JoomlaManager

JoomlaManager offers a simple and easy way to upload pictures and to manage your picture folders.

Once configured, it will automatically log in to the website you select and give you access to the Media Manager, so you can upload pictures immediately, just by drag-n-drop.

Pictures can easily be renamed after they have been uploaded, so you have full control.

Image resizingImage resizing on the fly

Pictures can be resized automatically, while you upload, so you don't have to open another graphics program like Photoshop to resize the pictures.

Since the pictures are resized locally (not on the server) before they are uploaded, you don't loose any time.

Image croppingImage cropping built in

JoomlaManager also features an integrated picture cropper that works directly on the pictures on your Joomla! site.

Select the picture to crop, drag the area you want to crop (or insert the exact width and height) and press "Save and crop".

Simple, easy and fast.

Folder renamingManage files and directories

With JoomlaManager you can easily organize your files and directories. Double-click on a directory to change its name. Click on the name of a file to rename it and drag multiple files into another directory to move files around.

Create and delete directories directly on your online Joomla site and delete multiple pictures at will.

Manage multiple Joomla websites with JoomlaManager

Be productive and save even more time when managing several Joomla! sites with the same JoomlaManager application! Just select another site in the drop-down box and JoomlaManager will automatically log you in to that site and get your files.

Web designers can now give their customers better service!

Any Joomla! website owner can enjoy the easy uploading and resizing of pictures, but web designers and developers now has the possibility of providing their customers with an easy tool to update their Joomla sites. 

We offer very reduced prices for multiple user licenses of JoomlaManager.

Perfect companion for e-commerce sites like Virtuemart and SimpleCaddy

JoomlaManager will help you spend a fraction of the time managing your product pictures online on your VirtueMart shop.

Time that is much better spend improving your online store.

Joomla! gallery integration - update photo gallery on the fly

From the video above you can see an example of how JoomlaManager out-of-the-box can integrate with the Joomla! Ozio Gallery. No need for special configuration, just upload to the "stories/Gallery" folder and watch how the photos appear in the gallery on your online Joomla! site.

There is no easier and faster way to update a gallery!

JoomlaManager 2.0 introduces great improvements.

JoomlaManager 2.0 introduces improvements suggested by our clients. It is now possible to scale the JoomlaManager application itself, so you can benefit from large screens and easier get an overview of all your files online.

Furthermore any file online can be duplicated with a click on a button. 


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