JoomlaManager - Joomla Easy Picture and File Uploader and Manager 

JoomlaManager - Joomla Easy Picture Uploader and Manager

Resizes photos while uploading to your Joomla website. Built in image cropping tool. 
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Web Responsive is working hard on improving your health at work. Check out our WorkSmart application, which improves your productivity and your body posture at your work place.


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Web development
Web Responsive delivers smart, easy and simple web solutions, utilizing the most exciting and powerful technologies, like AJAX, Joomla, Flex and JavaRead More..

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RIA Solutions
Web Responsive is focused on delivering the best solutions for our clients. We strive to keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies, bringing you the best the Internet can offer. Read More..


Personal Finance Management
MoneyWize is a personal finance management RIA that works embedded and connected to existing online banking solutions, allowing users to have full control on their money and keep track of their expenses.

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Agile Project Managment
In today's reality, project requirements change so fast, that development teams need Agile methodologies like SCRUM to give proper response to clients.

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